Universal  Prakriti is a logical system

Prakriti does nothing without a reason, Natura Nihil Agit Frustra !
Prakriti is divine and Almighty and is the Sole Doer, Prakrite Kriyamanani. When she saw her water reservoirs obliterated, her trees felled, her paddy fields destroyed and her animals slaughtered for food, She unleashed revenge through the destructive Njattuvelas & Kala Sarpa Yoga, which came as Nemesis.  

There is a Veracitas Naturae ( Truth of Nature ) and a Veracitas Dei ( Truth of God ). Even though we find crooks thriving and good people suffering prima facie, if we analyse deeply, we find that Justice rules the world with inexorable weight and Nemesis follows mankind !
An MBA from Harvard, Dr Madhav Gadgil had predicted it all. The Violation of the Eternal Laws of Nature and its repercussions. The Kerala Floods.

( From Aug 10 - 26, all planets were hemmed in between the Nodes, called Kala Sarpa Yoga. )

Dr Gadgil has consecrated his life to love Man & Nature. The wrong journeys of Keralite development and destruction of the environment has been studied by him. Ex Professor of Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore, he had said Never Never to this destruction. The politicians and certain communal organisations  tried to throw his Report into the sea & exile him, because he spoke the Truth. Madhav ji was disappointed and disillusioned. Now when floods consumed Kerala, we remember him with reverence. We enquire where he is. He is here, in Pune, near Mount Vethal, thinking gloomily about Kerala.

He had warned Kerala about illegal constructions on river beds and unauthorised quarrying of stone. What else can happen, if Nature is exploited to the full ? In green areas, there should not be construction. Landslides erupted in many parts of Kerala. The directions of rivers were changed. Encroachment in river beds disturbs the natural flow of rivers. Paddy fields and lakes were seized and now there are concrete buildings over there. Some people say that incessant rain is the main cause, as in the case of the 99 Floods. Dr Gadgil asks this counter question " What is the cause of so many landslides which broke out ? "  During torrential rains, there is no place for water to go. So rivers create paths ! You cant block Prakriti's natural changes !

Dr Gadgil opined that the Kasturi Rangan Report was not brought to surpass his Report. Even that Report has met the same Fate and has gone into the all devouring waste paper basket. He opined that this conclusion, that the opinions of local Committees need not be taken into consideration, had shocked him ! Isnt their opinion important, that there should not be quarries in the proximate regions ?

Even now, he says , we feel the authorities should know what is in our Report. Kerala is the land of unauthorised quarries. Everything is done by some few, rich people. The entire population of Kerala is suffering.  Kerala's land laws relating to environment was not correctly done. It is corruption which decides everything.

Development should raise the standard of living of all classes, not only the rich.

Why Kerala has so many dams ? Dams disturb the natural flow of rivers.

Paddy fields ( which are the percolation tanks of Nature ), water reservoirs, mangroves, lakes should not be destroyed. Do not exploit Nature unnecessarily.

Answering the question " Population density is high in Kerala. How many forest areas can be protected? ", he said " Kerala is a state, where urbanisation has taken place. But there are many who protect Sarpa Kavus ( snake temples ). That shows that we can protect the environment. Environment first , Concretisation second. If we adopt this policy, Kerala can be redeemed !

When asked about the Athirappilly Project, he said that there is no water for the Project to generate electricity. This was made clear by the Central Water Authority and there is no proper study of the Project. Why Kerala need so many dams ? How many rivers became dry ? How many water evaporate in dams ? Farmers do not get water for irrigation. Old dams should be decommissioned ( dams > 50 years old ). Kerala should go the Solar Way ( using Solar Power ).

Kerala should have a contingency plan. Stop all unauthorised quarrying. Do not exploit Nature. Even the Land Protection Act has been diluted. People should awaken. Then only can the land be liberated. There are many Prakriti lovers in Kerala. They are doing good work. They should gain strength to oppose Evil !

Q - Dam Water Release became controversial. Opposition alleged that water release from dams happened at Veliyettam or High Tide days, when the Ocean will not receive water . Can you explain Veliyettam or Up Tide and Velierakkam or Down Tide?


Q - How can tides be predicted ?

Look at the Elongation of the Moon. Tomorrow, 09 09 18, Moon's Elongation is
0 degree, as it is New Moon. Veliyettam, Uptide, Uptide.

In other words,

Moon's Elongation 0 degree Up Tide
Moon's Elongation 90 degrees Downtide
Moon's Elongation 180 degrees Up Tide
Moon's Elongation 270 degrees Downtide.

nb.  Both Kerala & Carolina Floods occurred at Black Moons or New Moons.

Aug 11 -  Sun in Aslesha, Moon's Elongation 0 deg

Sep 09 - Sun in Pubba, Moon's Elongation 0 deg

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Om Tat Sat